What I want to share with you here?

If you read a short story about me - to which I strongly encourage - you probably know by now that I have in my life, a lot of passions. The fruits of my work are in the following categorized tabs. Since I carry out self-development on many levels, you will see here works with a variety of disciplines - from design through the art to new technologies.

So I'm inviting to watch!

3D Graphics

What in the computer graphics do I like the most?

Definitely freedom in designing and creating in three dimensional space! You get the idea, you sit down to the computer and after a while you see the idea of working on a 24 inch screen - Is it not beautiful? :)

– 3D Models / Visualizations –

Warszawa 201 Fiat 125p Volkswagen Bus Mercedes 115
Tatra 603 Gaz 24 - Volga Cadillac DeVille 83 Chevrolet El Camino
Chevrolet Impala 63 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 78-79 Skoda 130-135 Rapid Moskvitch 2136
Project of railings Project of stairs with railing and roof Project of fence

– Animations –

2D Graphics

Less complicated, but whether equally interesting?

– Illustrations –

– Sketches / Concepts –

Sketch of Magic Typewriter Sketch of Reptile Sketch of Rune
Sketch of Winter is coming Sketch of Hound

– Vector Graphics –

Vector of Pulp Fiction Vector of CNC

– Printing –

Business card John Bubble Business card Przyjęcia Okolicznościowe Business card PudlisBygg Head to calendar

Games & Apps

If, else, for and while - what I programming?

– Bloody Jumps Game –

My newest baby - arcade game on PC and Android. Jump or die - the rules are simple: watch out for your head, avoid obstacles and stay alive as long as possible. Control is also not very complicated, because to jump you have to just tap the screen or press the space button (PC version). Sound luminaire is composed by none other than Michael 'ArthEast ' Kosmala - member of my OurGames team. I invite you to the official website http://ourgames.eu/bloodyjumps and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bloodyjumps.

Bloody Jumps - Splash screen Bloody Jumps - Main menu Bloody Jumps - Start! Bloody Jumps - Jump or die! Bloody Jumps - Ouch! Bloody Jumps - Pain!

– TheTankers Game –

First released game that I made with my team OurGames. It's a remake of the cult game Battle City from NES. My main responsibilities in the project was a programming, creating graphics and custody of the distribution process. The game is available on Windows and Android. More information about the game on thetankersgame.com

– Stereo Vision System –

This is an application used for the analysis of objects in space, by the method of digital image processing derived from stereo-vision camera. On the basis of the image from left and right cameras, disparity map is generated, and then it creates a cloud of points. Created a cloud of points can be further analyzed, eg. the measurement of geometrical objects in the recorded scene.

– For Noise Reactor App –

The application is used by speech therapists working with young patients. The working of application is based on sound recording captured by plugged in microphone. At the time when the patient begins to speak into the microphone, on the screen begins to play a previously prepared animation. One of the animation is the plane. When a patient speaks into the microphone, then the plane rises up, and when he stops talking, the plane descends. Another animation is the train, which in response to sound, endlessly circling on the tracks formed in a circle. Other animations are fish flowing in the water or auto-drawing portrait.

Aplikacja Dźwięko Reaktor - Menu Aplikacja Dźwięko Reaktor - Samolot

– Speech Recorder App –

Another application supporting the work of a speech therapist. In this case, it is a simple speech recorder with video recording capability. The idea behind this program was to make it as simple as possible. Significant contribution to the program creating also had my buddy Eri - OurGames team member.

Aplikacja Rejestrator Mowy - Lista Aplikacja Rejestrator Mowy - Nowe Nagranie Aplikacja Rejestrator Mowy - Nagrywanie

– The Game Project –

One of my first video game projects that I started at a secondary school. On it I improve my programming skills, for ex. how to use different types of engines and external libraries. The game was supposed to be a better version of GTA IV, but the number of people working on it - only one person ;) - and less free time (work and study), forced me to cancel the project.

Corporate identity

Company? Without logo?

The company is not only a product or service. Of course, it also includes the staff, location, park of machines, technologies... But there is another important element of a good company - its corporate identity. It allows you to not only attract more customers, but also hold on those present. Appropriate colors, shapes and dynamics used in the logo and in the whole layout should positively collapse in client memory so that he can with ease to identify the brand of company, with which he had earlier faced.

– Logos –

Logo We Grow Logo Laboratorium Sztuki Logo WS Trade FL&F - Fast Learn and Fun
Logo Altum Finance Logo Lavanderia Logo BHP LogoEnergia