About me

Who am I and what am I doing here?

At the beginning I'll tell you where I'm from. My homeland is Poland. I was born in 1989 and I live in Warsaw.

Whence the soul of the artist in me? I think these are good genes from my father. His passion is Artist Blacksmithing. He creates sculptures in metal, lighting, gates, fences, railings. Unlike my father I have chosen the direction of development based on new technologies.

In today's world there is a huge amount of possibilities, professions and more and more problems to solve, while our potential and imagination are endless. Therefore, after graduation, I decided that I would be an artist and an engineer in one person... or at least a video game developer :) My motto?

„Just do what you do well and strive to be in this better and better.”


What I deal with on a daily basis?

I will say briefly - I'm doing what I like and I like what I'm doing. I am currently working as a independent video game developer, programmer, webmaster and graphic designer. I have already done games like Bloody Jumps or TheTankers. Next fields in the range of my interests these are art, photograph, architecture and robotics. My recipe for every day?:

„be a better version of yourself”

And above all incessantly improve skills, create, make surprise everyone, mix experience from various fields.


What my professional qualifications are?

I am self-taught, but it is known how it is - at first nursery school, primary school. The system does what it must, rat race continues, so after high school as a absorbent knowledge teenager, I went to technical school to receive the prestigious title of Polygraph Technician - what was a joy! After graduating from high school came time to choose - working or studying? Being sympathetic to the certain saying "for them earlier you will start working, all the more quickly you will reach something" I chose extramural studies at the Military Technical Academy combined with work in a week. Obtained title - mechatronics engineer.

My skills? I'm programming (mainly in C#, C++, PHP and JS). I create 2D and 3D graphics, I do video post-processing.